Steamy Sex Scene from Gerald and the Pit Bull

Steamy Sex Scene from Novel
After Hours Mischief

Lucky you! I’m going to begin posting excerpts from my Novel in Progress, Gerald and the Pitbull that was Rather Fond of Kittens. It’s a lurid, sleazy murder-mystery inspired by the John Gardner fiction writing exercise where you describe a scene after a murder but don’t mention the body or the murder. Except in my story, both the body and the murder will be mentioned at numerous points in the story.

Of course its a working title, and I’m sure the story will evolve and set off in unexpected directions. That’s how the writing process works. At least that I’ve been told it is. I never sustained a writing effort long enough to find out.

Right now, I intend to have all sorts of gratuitous sex scenes like this steamy excerpt:

“I wish to see you naked.” He commanded imperiously.

She obliged, disrobing in front him. At least, Gerald thought she was in front of him. It was completely pitch black and he couldn’t see anything. Actually, the rustling of clothing was off to the left a bit, so maybe that was where the disrobing was occurring.

Aside from the disrobing that might or might not have been occurring, it occurred to Gerald that he might not be in this situation if he had been more prompt about paying the power bill. His neglect plunged him into darkness and would have a negative impact on his credit rating as well, which he absolutely deplored.

“How naked are you?” He demanded.

“Sensually naked,” she answered.

“Really?” Joe’s voice quavered. He stammered.”I think you’re putting me on,” “I don’t think you’ve disrobed at all.” Frank rose from the couch and banged both shins on the coffee table. He cried out in pain and reached down to grab his shins, but instead he jammed his knuckles into the edge of the table. His knuckles burning, Gerald groaned and sobbed.