The Marriage of Mass Publishing and Self-Publishing

n the days of Washington and Napoleon,
Before Six Sigma and Toyota Motors manufactur’d its infernal machines
according to the edicts of consistency,
I did each copy of my self-published work by hand;
If I saw a need for improvement after two or three copies were scribed,
I simply made the changes on the remaining copies, whether this meant
I was transposing words, lines, verses, pages or plates.
Truly, I was inspir’d by the Artistic & Creativity of Los, Urthona in man’s form.

If hand type-setting and engraving your work is a fate you cannot bear,
Subsidy-publishing is perhaps the path for you.
Even the contrivances of the Word Processor & GBC binding machines,
Cannot make self-publishing too great a Task to contemplate
Subsidy-Publishing balances the Contraries of Mass Publishing & Self-publishing.

Online Subsidy and Self-Publishing
Online Subsidy and Self-Publishing

Mass Publishing fetter’d Creativity with chains forged by the priests of Random House and Penguin Books.
But now with Print On Demand, an author can shatter the shackles of publishing Tyranny and proselytize as they’d like, when they’d like.
A myriad of business interests exist for the independent author. What One would work for thee?

The following node in the Web of Information provides a chart of Ten online book publishers,
And judges them according to their virtue in Price, Royalties, & Publishing Packages & Support Services.

Another node embraces chaos with a free verse judgement of numerous online publishers, including ebook publishers.

Most Notably and for those with little coin in their pocket nor a wealthy patron for their work.

Both lists include,,,,
So one may consider these the most popular, as well as the most esteemed as listed on