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JD Salinger Provides Customer Service

Catcher in the Rye Author Provides Customer Service

JD: This is JD Salinger, Why in Christ’s name have you called customer service?

Bessie (the Customer): This is Bessie Glass. I’m calling regarding my bill. JD: You do, eh? Would you do me the privilege of providing your telephone number or address, Mrs. Glass, so I can look up your account? Bessie: 111-111-1111 JD: How can I help you today, Mrs. Glass? Bessie: I’d like to …

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50.3333333 shades of red, green, and blue in equal proportions

Sexual Position Rhombus
Sexual Position – Rhombus

He admired her proportions. She was perfectly dimensioned, measuring 2×1.3333333333333333333×2 cubits. Her face exhibited all the ideal symmetry ratios, and it scored 18 on the von Luschan chromatic scale. They commenced to mate in the tribunal of love.

Initially, they aligned themselves perpendicularly, then parallel. After 600K milliseconds and expending 4186 Joules in the parallel alignment, they adopted a rhomboid configuration that exponentially accelerated the flow of endorphins in their bloodstream.…

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Klosterman Hyperthetical – Cannibal’s Meta Quandary

Baby FoodBaby Food

You’re reading one of the Chuck Klosterman’s hypertheticals to a friend. You ask your friend to imagine that they have survived a plane crash in the Andes. To survive they must eat people, and if they had to choose, would they eat babies or old people? Does the gender of the meal make a difference?

Your friend thinks for a moment and then asks, “Are the people dead or alive?” If they were …

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Walking Dead Spoof – Twitter Fiction Tweetisodes

Search hashtag #tweetisode to see the latest twitter fiction. This time it’s a spoof of the Walking Dead.…

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Season 5 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season five

S5E1 The crew is infected by a disease that turns them into children and wacky cuteness ensues.#twitterfiction

S5E2 The self-centered, self-absorbed crew of the Apathy learn a lesson in cooperation that is forgotten by the next episode #twitterfiction

S5E3 Yog Sogoth, Jr. struggles with its weird new feelings as it feels an attraction to Cmdr Salamander .#twitterfiction

S5E4 Another Old One appears & hops aboard the Apathy. Yog Soggoth, …

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Season 4 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season four

S4E1 The show jumps the shark when the crew adopts a Neanderthal named Crunge as their pet..#twitterfiction

S4E2 Robot-Alien-Neanderthal-Hologram love quadrilateral.#twitterfiction

S4E3 Old Spice records a day on the Apathy, observing Tactical Officer XX self-replicate & the mystery of missing underwear #twitterfiction

S4E4 The Apathy passes through a nebula resulting in an uneventful trip where uninteresting things happened.#twitterfiction

 S4E5 The crew enters time loop & repeatedly blows up
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Season 3 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season three

Dr. Crack completes an unrealistic holodeck simulation of a starship that transports families into dangerous situations.#twitterfiction

S3E2 The crew encounters a sub-space anomaly that transforms their uniforms from unitards to polka-dotted kilts.#twitterfiction

S3E3 Tactical Officer XX’s parents, X and Y visit, and she learns a hard lesson about interspecies relationships.#twitterfiction

S3E4 The crew go back in time, discover their grandfathers and murder them to demonstrate that the fluffy

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Season 2 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season two

S2E1 Yog Soggoth, Jr once again bothers the Apathy, claiming that a crew member we’ve never seen before is his cousin. #twitterfiction

S2E2 The Apathy is threatened when a holodeck character hijacks the ship & demands they chart a course for Cuba.#twitterfiction

S2E3 Dr Crack saves the life of a potato-based alien by sticking giant toothpicks in its sides & suspending it in water #twitterfiction

S2E4 Tactical Officer XX and

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Season 1 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season one

S1E1 Cdr Salamander leads the Apathy on its gazillionth voyage, to find a planetary station where they can gas up the ship. #twitterfiction

S1E2 Yog Soggoth, Jr, an Old One as ancient as time, forgets where he parked, and the Apathy won’t let him hitch a ride. #twitterfiction

S1E3 Cerebral helmsman Old Spice & wildly emotional engineer Yo switch bodies, because the writers have already given up #twitterfiction

S1E4 In this

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Today’s Forecast 50 Shades of Grey

This is an erotic story about the weather.

50 Shades of Gray

Where 50 shades of grey clouds undulate through the sultry summer sky.

The wind blows, circling and pressing treetops, swaying rhythmically back and forth, up and down, suddenly springing free, erect against the considerable circumference of the earth. The storm clouds swell and heave, bigger and bigger until they burst and rain down on steamy slabs of asphalt. Lightning tentatively strikes. Silver balls of lightning … Oh …

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William Faulkner, New Millenium Pitchman

Mr. Faulkner Endorses Sound and Fury Energy Drink, Rose for Emily Scented Oil, and As I Lay Dying Foam Mattress

Sound and Fury Energy Drink

I give you the beverage of all hope and desire. I give it to you not only that you may get a strong energy boost, but that you might get maximum hydration and an extra kick of B-vitamins, caffeine, electrolytes, and SOUND AND FURY’s potent rye blend. Because no drink …

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