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Season 5 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season five

S5E1 The crew is infected by a disease that turns them into children and wacky cuteness ensues.#twitterfiction

S5E2 The self-centered, self-absorbed crew of the Apathy learn a lesson in cooperation that is forgotten by the next episode #twitterfiction

S5E3 Yog Sogoth, Jr. struggles with its weird new feelings as it feels an attraction to Cmdr Salamander .#twitterfiction

S5E4 Another Old One appears & hops aboard the Apathy. Yog Soggoth, …

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Season 4 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season four

S4E1 The show jumps the shark when the crew adopts a Neanderthal named Crunge as their pet..#twitterfiction

S4E2 Robot-Alien-Neanderthal-Hologram love quadrilateral.#twitterfiction

S4E3 Old Spice records a day on the Apathy, observing Tactical Officer XX self-replicate & the mystery of missing underwear #twitterfiction

S4E4 The Apathy passes through a nebula resulting in an uneventful trip where uninteresting things happened.#twitterfiction

 S4E5 The crew enters time loop & repeatedly blows up
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Season 3 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season three

Dr. Crack completes an unrealistic holodeck simulation of a starship that transports families into dangerous situations.#twitterfiction

S3E2 The crew encounters a sub-space anomaly that transforms their uniforms from unitards to polka-dotted kilts.#twitterfiction

S3E3 Tactical Officer XX’s parents, X and Y visit, and she learns a hard lesson about interspecies relationships.#twitterfiction

S3E4 The crew go back in time, discover their grandfathers and murder them to demonstrate that the fluffy

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Season 2 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season two

S2E1 Yog Soggoth, Jr once again bothers the Apathy, claiming that a crew member we’ve never seen before is his cousin. #twitterfiction

S2E2 The Apathy is threatened when a holodeck character hijacks the ship & demands they chart a course for Cuba.#twitterfiction

S2E3 Dr Crack saves the life of a potato-based alien by sticking giant toothpicks in its sides & suspending it in water #twitterfiction

S2E4 Tactical Officer XX and

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Season 1 of Unpublished Guy Twitter Fiction Festival Series

@unpublishedguy #twitterfiction season one

S1E1 Cdr Salamander leads the Apathy on its gazillionth voyage, to find a planetary station where they can gas up the ship. #twitterfiction

S1E2 Yog Soggoth, Jr, an Old One as ancient as time, forgets where he parked, and the Apathy won’t let him hitch a ride. #twitterfiction

S1E3 Cerebral helmsman Old Spice & wildly emotional engineer Yo switch bodies, because the writers have already given up #twitterfiction

S1E4 In this

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Creative Writing Prompt – Leaping Lemurs

This video prompt gives you the chance to practice writing a few rungs lower on the evolutionary ladder.

After viewing the video begin writing.

  • Don’t post your fiction in the comments below.
  • If you have a blog or web site, you can post your writing on your blog.
  • Make sure to add a link on your blog/web site back to this page.
  • Add a comment below to let everyone know where to find what you
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Creative Writing Prompt – Spiderman Video

Here is a creative writing prompt that you may find entertaining if not useful: Pan-Handling Spiderman in Amsterdam. The prompt is quite simple. First, view the following video.

After viewing the video begin writing. You can write any sort of free writing you wish, whether it be a coherent story, flash fiction, vignette, short snippet, or long rambling note.

  • Don’t post your fiction in the comments below.
  • If you have a blog or web site,
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The Fiction Writing Contest Lottery

On what fiction writing contest should you squander $20? I calculated the return-on-investment (ROI) of several different contests. I have summarized the results in the table below. The return number quantifies the investment in a fiction contest, based on the entry fee, effort to write a story according to contest guidelines, and probability of winning the contest.

Contest Return
ReadMe Publishing What If? Science Fiction Competition (40)
Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award (49)
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Unpublished Guy Vaporware Fiction Contest

Vaporware fiction: a story that is promoted when it may never be written
Vaporware fiction: a story that is promoted when it may never be written

I completed most of a book proposal for a collection of short stories about Ambrose Bierce and Jerry O’ Connell having adventures together chasing after Bierce’s run away moustache. Many writers would begin by writing the story first and then writing a proposal to submit to publishers and agents. I, on the other hand with my background …

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Selecting a Short Fiction Contest for Mathematically Astute Writers

Contest calculations for mathematically astute fiction writers
photo by Pitel

Last week I was pondering what contests I should enter this month, and I created a short list of 24 writing contests based on due date and topic or genre of the contest.

This week I’ll need to determine a basis for evaluating the remaining contest candidates and narrowing the list to 2 or 3 finalists. Since I am being shallow, I can think of no better criteria than calculating the ROI …

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