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Illiterary Fiction – Faces

illiterary writing style - gibbon says, "i am not a monkey"
I am not a monkey

Illiterary fiction excels at showing, showing with a profundity of adverbs and exceptional adjectives. Dictionary inspired descriptions that convey the most erudite worlds. With copious plot twists, illiterary fiction is surprisingly uninspiring.

Her face, bilious and choleric, she could not tell if the man looked bug eyed because she had told him the surprising news, or because he had big bug eyes. Otherwise, his face was vacant, vapid, and blank. …

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ADD Writing Style: Kim Jong-il is Dead

My weekly supply of adderal

My weekly supply of adderal

A frenetic writing style that exposes the reader to a wide range of topics and rapid fire thoughts.  The primary writing style of Kathy Acker.  The fiction excerpt is a contemporary-crime-thriller-historical science fiction-literary romance.

Kim Jong-il is dead, and I like dogs. It’s better to eat dogs than pigs, because pigs are smarter. Bacon is tasty. Kittens are tasty. You shouldn’t keep chimps as pets. The rain forest is falling.

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Purple Haze Writing Style

Purple Prose All in my Brain

Dense, ambiguously descriptive style. Purple haze is sensually evocative beyond any precision. In the following excerpt the narrator is deeply moved by the exquisite beauty of some things and other stuff.

It was a darkish and precipitous time period; the stuff fell in large quantities—except at other times, when it was checked by a rather excessively robust bunch of air which moved up the the long walky drivy windy

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Hamlet Writing Monkey Writing Style

Surrender yourself to the random nature of the universe and allow yourself to effortlessly write Hamlet–eventually.

Hamlet complements ghost without the prospective diagram. A back works over our nonsense. Near the designer boggles the look. Can ghost consent against the choral? The dreadful electorate comforts Hamlet throughout a moderate apolitical climate change.
Within the master ascends the gender. When can Hamlet speculate under the fountain? Hamlet caves Polonius next to his relief. Near Polonius responds

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Moby Dick in Chopsticks Writing Style

Fiction writing style that features repetition and more repetition.

Tale of Whale

Tale of a Whale

The Chopsticks style was pioneered by Fred Schonell and popularized by William S. Gray and Zerna Sharpin of Dick and Jane fame. Its popularity peaked during the 50s. The following beginning-to-end reimagining of Moby Dick provides an example of this writing style:

Call me Ishmael.

Ishmael stays in Inn. Inn is full. Ismael shares room. He shares with QueeQueg. Ishmael sleeps with

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Branded Writing Style

To connect with contemporary readers, inject brand names into your fiction.

Brands from the 19th Century

Brand Names from 19th Century

Contemporary example of the branded writing style:

Darcy Summer slipped her blue JC Penney bathrobe off her shoulders and hung it on the Restoration Hardware Chatam Double Hook mounted on the bathroom door. She turned on the shower and stepped in. Water, heated to an invigoratingly warm temperature by an EccoTemp water heater, streamed from the Moen showerhead and

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Aspergers Writing Style

Writing Style Epitomized by Whale Stories

The Writing Style of Moby Dick

Characterized by obsessively detailed descriptions on minutia that seem beside the point. The longest sustained work of fiction in this writing style is Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

Violet got into her car, a baby blue ’97 Toyota Corolla. It had four tires. The rear passenger tire, a Goodyear, was slightly less deflated than the others. The rear brake light on that same side, the passenger side, had been broken,

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Hyperfiction Writing Style

A writing style pioneered by Niels Parsec. Stories in the hyperfiction style travel at the speed of light, unseen by the naked eye. Here is a passage from the 299,792,458 page hyperfiction novel, Now You Don’t See It, Now You Still Don’t See It:


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Run-On Fiction Writing Style

Fuel for the Run-On Fiction Writing StyleFuel for the Run-On Fiction Writing Style

The stream-of-consciousness style attempts to replicate the unfiltered discontinuous thoughts of a character and often features a loose style and structure, violating conventional rules of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and logic. Run-On Fiction attempts to replicate the unfiltered thoughts of a crystal meth addict that has lived on a diet of Super Sugar Crisp. Paradoxically, it follows a strict format: one sentence, no spaces.


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Solipstistic Writing Style

Power Lines from Xtreme Solipsistic Writing Style SamplePower Lines that Could End a Solopsistic World

The solipsistic writing style can be identified through its trademark first-person point of view. To maintain this extreme creative writing style, fiction authors cannot be too enthusiastic or overzealous in their devotion to the first-person singular personal and possessive pronouns. This writing style also has a notable preoccupation with vague internal conflicts.

I had a job that I did not like, so I searched for another one;

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Food Fiction

I’m watching Soylent Green and feeling hungry

I am still rather hungry, even after eating a fair-sized helping of spaghetti with sauce and breakfast sausage. I had a bowl of blue berry flavored Special K this morning with fat-free milk. Sometimes, I call it skim milk. As usual, I missed lunch. I don’t often eat lunch, but I had bought some tins of sardines and smoked oysters. My daughter, who has food issues, threw out …

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