Open Source Fiction Story

On this page, there used to be an open source fiction story that everyone was invited to edit. It was a collaborative effort with no collaborators. No one added comments. No one had any suggestions. No versions of the story were saved, so no one could circle back to earlier versions of the story.

Perhaps, it was because the first version of the story that I posted was so so self-flagellatingly indulgent that no one could relate to it.

Here is a little snippet. You can judge for yourself.

I felt less whole, lonely in Stuttgart after Gerald left. I could see him, still, but only a shadow that grew fainter with each passing minute. Wedged in between strange elbows perched on armrests and supporting cigarettes, he shifted and and tried different sitting positions. Legs crossed, legs together, one forward, crossed arms, tight to the sides. He looked out the window.

An ocean of autumn hues danced down from the hills and valleys and flowed past the train window. The setting sun flashed in his eyes. The light flickered rapidly and obscured his vision, except distorted images that cropped up between white flashes.

Perhaps, I should have started with a more accessible story, something about a renegade police detective or a coroner that solves crimes. I could have written about crime lab technicians that solve crimes or a story about an anti-hero parking meter enforcer that brutally rules over Main Street between Division and 1st Street.