JD Salinger Provides Customer Service

JD: This is JD Salinger, Why in Christ’s name have you called customer service?

Bessie (the Customer): This is Bessie Glass. I’m calling regarding my bill. JD: You do, eh? Would you do me the privilege of providing your telephone number or address, Mrs. Glass, so I can look up your account?

Bessie: 111-111-1111

JD: How can I help you today, Mrs. Glass?

Bessie: I’d like to know why my milk bill is so expensive.

JD: Jesus, Bessie, the price of milk has increased exponentially over the last few months. Don’t you know that?

Bessie: I understand that, but I cannot afford bill this high.

JD: All right then! Do you have a few moments to discuss some options, and figure out if we can help reduce your costs?

Bessie: Okay, but I don’t have a lot of time.

JD: You don’t have a lot of time. God. You think I have all the time in the world? Wait, don’t answer that. Taking a quick look at your account I see that not only are you getting milk but you’re also getting eggs, cream, cheese, butter, yogurt, and soda pop. In fact, you big fat cow, you’re getting enough soda pop to quench the thirst of the whole Soviet army. Have you ever considered the impact that only having milk delivered would have on your milk bill?

Bessie: Alright. Alright. How about if I cancel the yogurt. How much money will I save if I do that?

JD: You’re absolutely amazing. It’s staggering how you identified the one item that would reduce your bill by a staggering 3%. You’ve really inspired me.

Bessie: That’s quite enough, sir.

JD: But why stop there? You could also cancel the cream from your order and save another 4% from your bill. It would be an inspired decision. Divine in the way these cuts really get at the heart of the matter.

Bessie: Just stop that right now, sir. If I could reach right through this phone, I’d put a wash rag in your mouth.

JD: Well, gee whiz, you called me Bessie. I’m only here to help.

Bessie: You’re so funny. How about I take my business elsewhere, sir?

JD: If you canceled our service, you would reduce your costs significantly. I have a terrible feeling that you’ll experience catastrophic soda pop withdrawal.

Bessie: What else can I do?

JD: You could reduce your consumption of dairy products and soda pop by making a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle. For example, you could stop drinking so much damn soda pop. Bessie: Anything else that might not involve drinking less soda pop?

JD: An all soda pop diet.

Bessie: That sounds like a good idea. I’d like that.

JD: Yes, Bessie, I will happily drive you to an early grave by making your milk order completely dairy free and composed entirely of sugar water.

Bessie: Yes, that would suit me just fine.

JD: I’ll set that up today. Is there any other way that I can rot the teeth out of your head and shorten your lifespan?

Bessie: No, I think that’s all for now.

JD: Thank you for being our customer and have a good day. You won’t have many left on your diet.