What if God did care about all the people? Like you and I can care for two guinea pigs. Or three dogs. Three dogs are a lot to handle. Maybe, for God 7.5 billion people are like having three dogs. A lot to handle, but manageable.

Or maybe God has multiple personalities and each personality is handling a manageable group of people who worship in a way that is tailored to that personality

The God of Abraham cares for the vengeful and fearful who want their God to hurt the different people.

Jesus God cares for the compassionate socialists who have an unsubstantiated faith in the good intentions of people in general

Gaia God cares for the people that thought Jill Stein would make a good world leader and president of the United States. Vaccinations? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Free Market God cares for the people whose religion is doubtful economic theories involving tax cuts and invisible hands that somehow direct economic activity in ways have never actually been observed. That’s how faith works!