Tax Proposals

If I were president, this is how I would restructure the tax code

  • Tax on heterosexual anal sex. Straight men pay 5% of their income for each penetration. Women get a refund of 5% of their income for each penetration.

  • Avocado tax. Assessing a 100% VAT on Avocado purchases.

  • $3000 tax credit for not having children

  • Renters deduction, deduct total annual rent from taxable income

  • MPG tax. $100 credit for each MPG of your car/truck above 30. If you don’t own a car/truck, you’re taxable income is $0.00

  • Rugby tax. Any citizen that has not played at least 80 min of rugby in the taxable year owes an additional 10% of their income in taxes

  • Rugby medical deduction. Any medical expenses resulting from a rugby injury can be deducted at 5x the cost of the medical expenses.

  • Correcting the divorce penalty. Divorce couples may claim an additional 5 deductions.