Poor Sandy

Poor Sandy, credited as an unnamed caged prisoner in a dungeon cell with Poor Cecily. Chained and whipped and raped in a cage, titillating in a seventies soft-core sort of way. It’s the inquisition, apparently, although the chief inquisitors and everyone else in the movie are dressed in 18th century garb, petticoats and three-cornered hats.

80 torrid adult film performances now her history. “Swinging Genie", "Country Hooker". Hard-core classics like “Johnny Wadd”, and at the pinnacle of her career, “Oriental Ecstasy Girls”. 1974 was a prolific year. Yet, unnamed or uncredited so often. Even in her known best known role, Sandy Dempsey is credited as “Girl at Tryouts” in the mainstream “Swinging Cheerleaders”

Even her death, a freak boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico, was undocumented. (Did you know that in international waters it’s up to the captain of the ship to decide whether to incarcerate someone suspected of a crime?) What was freakish about the accident? The interwebs don’t say. Did she simply, silently withdraw from a public view?

Or did a drunk captain slip, fall onto the throttle, the ship’s floating lurch shooting Sandy Dempsey floundering into the boat’s propeller? Did she go overboard, moonlight catching a tattoo, the butterfly on her thigh?