The Unparalleled Fiction Publishing Expertise and Many Writing Accomplishments of Unpublished Guy

The Hand of Unpublished Guy’s
Mighty Fiction Writing Blog

Unpublished Guy earned a BA in professional writing from Old Dominion University, an educational institution that obviously has a long tradition of academic excellence, since it has the word “old” in it. With this degree Unpublished Guy mastered all aspects of writing: creative, technical, and journalistic. Although he recently used a colon, he has a strong preference for the em dash. He also likes to connect two similar sentences with a semicolon, followed by the word, “however,” followed by a comma. But Unpublished Guy’s biography digresses. After mastering all aspects of writing, it was only natural that Unpublished Guy should obtain a masters degree, which he did—an MBA—which is practically an MFA, since it shares two thirds of the same letters.

An additional advantage of Unpublished Guy’s MBA would be a capacity to market and promote this fiction book, Ambrose Bierce Falls into a Worm Hole, that far exceeds the typical writer that finds marketing unseemly and beneath the creative writing craft. Unpublished Guy would be most enthusiastic about developing a strategic marketing plan and providing hands-on support to the marketing of the book. He would be delighted to work with an acquisitions editor to compromise his artistic integrity in order to appeal to a profitable book reading segment of the population.

Finally, you might ask, “What has Unpublished Guy publish?” It is not possible to render in words on paper (or monitor) the publishing history of Unpublished Guy. Instead, I direct you to what he has not published, so you can judge his publishing based on the publishing failures he has not had.

  • Never had a copy of a published fiction book sent to the remainder bin
  • Never received a negative review for fiction work published in print
  • Never sold his body to have an independent bookseller carry his self-published fiction book

On the other hand, he has been praised by such notable figures as ’relatives’ and ’friends’. Most notably, his heroic creative writing efforts have been transcribed in an epic that rivals the literary fortitude of Beowulf or the Iliad.