Branded Writing Style

To connect with contemporary readers, inject brand names into your fiction.

Contemporary example of the branded writing style:

Darcy Summer slipped her blue JC Penney bathrobe off her shoulders and hung it on the Restoration Hardware Chatam Double Hook mounted on the bathroom door. She turned on the shower and stepped in. Water, heated to an invigoratingly warm temperature by an EccoTemp water heater, streamed from the Moen showerhead and over body. Her fingers worked Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner through her hair. After rinsing her hair, she washed her face and neck with Tea Tree body wash. Next, she washed her shoulders and then her breasts, recently augmented to a C-cup with Mentor MemoryGel breast implants. The surgery had been performed by Dr. Mark, whose office was located at the intersection of West and East Auburn Rd., in the same strip mall that has the Target, which is across the mall with the Walmart and the Kohls and catty-corner to the Applebees.

Example that would have appealed to 19th century readers:

After Lucretia Burns had scrubbed herself clean with Colgate Toilet Soap, she stepped out of her Herbeau Creations bathing tub. After drying off with a Pepperell towel, she put on her Mrs. Smith Bandage Universal Suspenders to support her usual bandage by means of Mrs. Smiths New Improved Safety Skirt and Bandage Holder. Once the suspenders and holder were secured, she wrapped her Warner’s corset around her waist and tightened it sufficiently. To help with her complaint, common to the female population, she drank a healthy does of Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, which made her feel a nice glocky Kanurd.