Moby Dick in Chopsticks Writing Style

Call me Ishmael.

Ishmael stays in Inn. Inn is full. Ismael shares room. He shares with QueeQueg. Ishmael sleeps with Queequeg. See Ishmael and Queequeg sleep. Oh, what a queer couple.

Pequod sails. See Pequod sail. See Pequod crew. Pequod has one legged captain. Pequod has Negro drummer. Pequod has Negro harpooner. Pequod has Indian harpooner. Pequiod has Queequeg. Pequod has Quaker.

Sail Pequod, sail.

One-legged Ahab nails doubloon. Prize. Prize to sight white whale. We kill Moby Dick. We whale on him good.

Ahab hunts. See Ahab hunt. Oh, crazy, crazy Ahab.

A whale is caught. A whale is caught. A whale, but not Moby Dick.

Whale is skinned. Whale is gutted. Blubber is rendered. Arm deep in warm spermaceti. Melville describes spermaceti. A lot. Why such an affinity for spermaceti?

Pequod meets a ship. Crazed prophet speaks. Doom. Doom to those that hunt Moby Dick. Oh, crazy, crazy prophet.

Tashtego falls in whales head. Head falls in sea. Head sinks. See Queequeg save Tashtego. Save Tashtego, Queequeg. Queequeg does save Tashtego. He does.

Pip falls out of whaleboat. Pip goes crazy. I not crazy. I not crazy. No, Pip, you are crazy. Crazy, crazy Pip.

Now, Queequeg is sick. Poor, poor Queequeg. Carpenter makes Queequeg a coffin. Will Queequeg die, now? No, Queequeg all better.

Typhoon hits. Pequod tosses. Pequod turns. Pretty, pretty St Elmo’s fire makes Ahab’s harpoon pretty, pretty green. Good omen thinks Ahab.

Starbuck not sure. Starbuck must kill Ahab. Kill Ahab, Starbuck, kill Ahab. Starbuck can’t. Why, Starbuck, why? Oh, impotent, impotent Starbuck, why can’t you kill Ahab?

Storm ends. Sailor falls. Sailor drowns. Things don’t look so good.

Pequodmeets the Rachel. We need help. My son is gone. My son is gone.

Ahab replies. Screw you, Rachel. Screw you. See Ahab screw Rachel as Pequod sails to equator.

Moby Dick sighted. The white whale. The white whale.

Crew hunts Moby in boat. Ahab’s man Fedallah dead. Lashed to whale. Lashed to whale, dead Fedallah. He waves. His arm flops left to right. His arm flops right to left. Howdy, howdy. It’s all good. It’s all good, guys.

Crew croaks. Ahab attacks.

I stab at thee. I stab at thee. Ahab dead.

Pequod sinks. Starbuck dead.

Ishmael lives.