In this particular universe, Unpublished Guy is a full-time marketing professional and zero-time writer. In the time he hasn’t been writing, he has published 0 novels. He hasn’t been published in The New Yorker or any literary publications or journals. The movie, The Hunger Games was not based on his series of best-selling novels. He tried self-publishing, but rejected the book proposal that he had sent himself.

This isn’t one of those sites that inspire or educate, with the exception of unavoidable accidents. Unpublished Guy wishes to share his triumph of self-indulgence with you. Whether you benefit is immaterial. What is important is that Unpublished Guy can bask in the glow self-importance that props up his damaged self esteem.

If you are the sort that slows down to get a good view of a car accident, now would be a good time to tap the brakes. Unpublished Guy will be updating this blog fairly infrequently with postings somewhere between daily and annually.

In his professional life he still strives to reach his threshold of incompetence, having already achieved that level in writing the moment he put pen and/or pencil to paper and/or tablet.